Failed And Forgotten Casino Games

The casino gambling landscape is in constant flux, with a mix of old favourite games and new and exciting technology. Casinos are always in the market trying to find new ways to make a profit while keeping the customers entertained, while companies line up for their shot at being casino royalty. New exciting games are always being pitched to casinos, and when a new game comes in, it means that one of the old ones has to go. Here are a few of those failed and forgotten casino games that did not have what it takes to keep attention towards itself in the long run.

Casino War

War is a long lost card game many of us used to play in the back seat of cars on road-trips. Casino War.It is sort of like a child’s game. There is little to no strategy involved in playing the game, and Casino War is no different. It is understandable why the game lost players because it can be such a boring game to play at times, especially with all the modern casino choices.

Casino War

The concept behind the game is very simple: the dealer flips a card over for both the player as well as the dealer, and whosoever has the greater value card wins the hand. The hands move at a rapid pace because there isn’t much to the game. If the player and the dealer end having a tie, the player can ‘go to war’ by placing an additional bet which can be equal to their initial wager. However, the player is only paid on the second bet during a war, the first being a push for a win. If the dealer wins, both the bets of the players are lost.

Pineapple Poker

Poker variations are a favourite among casino players, and the casinos love them too because the casino itself is the opponent, which means that they make much more money on these games. Unlike traditional poker games where people play against other players, these table game variations rake in a tremendous amount of cash for a casino. One of those long lost variants is Pineapple Poker. It is actually a pretty exciting casino game with a tremendous advantage to someone who has an understanding of basic poker strategy beforehand. The hands move slowly, which helps in preserving the bankroll, and while the player will need to make more bets to complete a hand, a small amount of strategy can carry a long way. Unfortunately, it seems that the biggest reason for the reduced popularity for the game can be primarily attributed to market saturation. There are simply too many poker derivatives all around the casino floor.

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